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MAFIOSO™ – original RTS Crime SIM with Indoor Action and cRPG elements

Real Power can’t be given. It must be taken!

MAFIOSO™ – business as usual is an upcoming real time action-strategy game, based on activities of actual modern crime organizations.
During the Campaign you will embody either the leader of a small crew of Italian-origin mobsters, Japanese Yakuza members or a Voodoo Posse.
Guided by an intense storyline you’ll go for the top position in your Syndicate, while building your own huge empire of crime and corruption, compete rival crime organizations, set up prostitution rings, gambling dens, run drug production & distribution, forgeries, raise extortion rackets, accept and fulfill assassination contracts.
Live out the other, darker side of the American Dream and come to know the realities behind the Crime World, the traditions of specific syndicates and methods of accumulating wealth in the crime scene.

Mafioso features advanced AI, incredibly detailed characters and vehicles, a complex reputation and diplomatic system, a feature-rich economical structure with legal businesses, money laundering operations and illicit activities, all set up in a huge 3D urban environment.

Game overview

Mafioso Character

A Word of Honor is worth Blood!


Mafioso Character

It’s better to be Feared than Loved!

This 3d game was developed for Frontline Studios Ltd.