ADM Clear View – Call managing & Ticket tracking tool

This system is a whole workspace solution for a Corporate Application Service Planer. It allows managing and scheduling projects and progress of multiple work groups, remote or in house.

It handles requests from various trouble ticket systems, so the application service planer uses just this utility and is not forced to bother with different systems that his company’s customers use at any time. The application helps to schedule work groups, oversee projects and tasks and to create detailed weekly reports.

App Type: Project Management, Scheduling

This was a Call managing and tracking tool written in Delphi to speed up the work of the Application Support Planner when I worked for Lucent Technologies in this position.

This project was started around 2001 but I continued the development for some more years after I left Lucent Technologies, implementing some more features as requested. It is probably the oldest serious project of mine.

As far as I know, this application is still used by Lucent Technologies’ current Application Support Planner.

The problem I had at the beginning:

One main, single, central place or tool was needed to handle tickets from different sources (like emails, phone and the different call forwarding or tracking tools used in the different Lucent divisions). Easy of use and a clear sight was their key requirement here.

ADM Clear View - Ticket Overview

ADM Clear View – Ticket Overview

ADM Clear View allows an easy Ticket overview, with a fast view on all of the important Ticket data, like caller country, short problem description, the notes, priority and so on. Having all this information on one view highly increased the performance of the call handling. The Tool is very flexible, the shown Table Fields can be chosen by the user, of course.

The ability to show only Tickets which were sent to a specified ADM group or that aren’t sent yet, is also very useful and helps to keep the overview.

It uses such helpful things like pull down lists, and adds many fields automatically like the Time To assignation, time to fixed, if not calculated by remedy (the old ticket system used by that time), time to solved, which are calculated ignoring weekends and off work (counts time from 8:00 To 17:00) times or the OSCM Category which is by default dependand on the Remedy “Type of Case” Field, that is simply editable in the database:

ADM Clear View - Auto options

ADM Clear View – Auto options

A simple to use Search procedure is implemented to find Tickets faster. This is especially important for the calls send via emails.

ADM Clear View - Search

ADM Clear View – Search

An advanced SQL engine allows to display and to manipulate the Tickets (and not only) using common SQL Statements. This highly improves the performance.

ADM Clear View - SQL Engine

ADM Clear View – SQL Engine

eMail sending

One of the most important features of this tool is the simple selection of the ADM Group to which the ticket shall be sent. The first List box includes the countries, the second the ADM Groups and the third the supported applications. By clicking on the Country the Group and Applications List Boxes are refreshed and show only the ones, which are in those Countries.

by the c
By clicking on the ADM Group the Application List refreshes and shows only such applications, which are supported by the choosen ADM Group. On the Other hand, by clicking on an application the ADM Groups List refreshes and shows only Groups, which services this application. This allows to find the right Group easy and very fast.

ADM Clear View - Find the proper group

ADM Clear View – Find the proper group

The Tool shows all relevant information for the Group and the Application, and gives the possibility to add longer notes to the Group or Application description, what can be very useful, you have all the notes available with only one click, and don’t have to search in the mailbox (or any files) for messages you got in the past.

After the right group was selected there is only one click necessary to create an email with all the important Information, which shall be sent to the Group (what are the “important Information” can be easily configured by the user).

The email address, Subject and mail Body are generated automatically. If necessary, the ADM Group Leader is added in the ‘CC’ and a subject prefix can be added to the email subject (like the “LU” on the screen shoot).

ADM Clear View - Generating the eMail

ADM Clear View – Generating the eMail

After sending this email the Tool adds the Group name, the application and the Responsible email to the Ticket information. This allows to resent the email to exact the same persons later or to generate auto reminders, what is all possible with this Application.

The email sending process with this tool is really simply and fast. You don’t have to copy all the information out of remedy and manually paste them in the new email, to search your lists (maybe in excel) for the right persons who is responsible for the application, to copy their emails, to generate the right subject, including the subject prefix, if necessary.

You also don’t need to copy field after field to the Report excel sheet.” This tool does all this fully automatically and very fast for you.

Auto Reminder

This is the Auto Reminder Center, SQL knowledge is a good thing, but it isn’t necessary:

ADM Clear View - Auto Reminder

ADM Clear View – Auto Reminder

And this is an auto generated Reminder email:

ADM Clear View - auto generated Reminder email

ADM Clear View – auto generated Reminder email

Here you can automatically generate reminder emails for all the tickets, which are still not fixed.

To do it manually, you would spend many hours with looking which tickets are old, with copying the information from Remedy, an excel sheet or any other Ticket database to the reminder email, and looking to whom did you sent it.


The main problem I had at the beginning was to create the weekly Report out of all Calls, from the one I got via email and the ones I got via Remedy (a call tracking tool used by Lucent Technologies) or other ticket systems.

ADM Clear View allows simply Report creation and export to excel, and PDF including all Tickets in the database, which were automatically imported there by this Tool before the “email sending” phase.

ADM Clear View can automatically count all the average Times, the number of calls – per categories and for each week.

The Statistics can be customized by changing some configuration files, and by entering a common SQL Statement in the WHERE Field of the Report Center Form.

Network and multi user support

It is possible to use ADM Clear View by more then one Support planner. You only have to share the database; the tool will not overwrite Tickets changed by an other user without asking.

Additional Features

At the beginning ADM Clear View was only a simply tool for report creation, but now it is a fully functionally Ticket Tracker, specialized on the ADM Chunk. With a little development it could be improved to a high performance Ticket Tracker System.