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some of the projects that were successfully implemented by MaxLogic. If you wish to receive more detailed information on any of the provided examples or get quotation for your project, please feel free to contact us.

System Eye

System Eye is an audit tool. It scans the system and stores the hardware configuration and the software installed on...

Nancy and Trina

3D Action game with erotic theme. Based on our Digital Omerta 3D Game Engine. Developed for Frontline Studios. (more…)

kfzMeister – complete solution for car workshops (Dealer Management System)

With a comprehensive master data management for customers, vehicles, products, work units, suppliers and employees all divisions can be organized...

Risk the game

This small game is our implementation of the well known game. Please don't mind the graphics. The customer decided to...

Sea Battle Game

Also one of Pawels early game developments. A nice implementation of the well known Sea Battle game. Developed in Delphi...

Med Plumber

Developed by Pawel Piotrowski. It was his second 2D game. Since that many years has past, but the game is...

Pet Jumping

Developed by Pawel Piotrowski. It was his first game project. Developed around 2002, quite a long time ago. Watch the...


A complete Object Orientated Mapping Solution for Delphi. Map your DB into Delphi classes. Support for Postgres, Firebird and MySQL.


Give your customers the possibility to make auto-updates on the fly.

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